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Jawug2012-02-18 10:00:00
Johannesburg Area Wireless User Group
  For the First Wug Meet of 2012 We've decided to hold a more central meet to attract established as well as prospective new wuggers from ALL different areas... and what could be more central than Newtown. :)

Date : 18 Feb 2012
Venue : Sci-bono Science Centre
Time : 10h00

Sci-Bono is located in the old Electric Workshop in Newtown Johanessburg, the cultural precinct in the heart of the Johannesburg , being the largest science and technology centre in Southern Africa where is tons of exciting activities so make sure bring your kids along as I've been told that it's a lot of fun for them.
If your thinking of joining JAWUG, a wugmeet is the best place to discuss and learn about how to get set-up and meet and greet everyone so if you have a friend that wants to join bring them along as well. JAWUG is a community and Together we can achieve more! so hope to see you all there! Agenda

10:00 Arrivals
10:30 Welcome and Overview (3 month review)(Chairperson)
Membership Numbers Estimations, membership process (PR/Finance/Secretary)
Finances (Finance)
Official process for projects / High sites / MANCOM funding procedure / key areas (Secretary/Operations)
Network administration and Core (Technical/Operational)
Interactive Open Floor suggestions from the members? (Mancom Team)
12:00 Tjop & Dop outdoor social
16:00 Clear out


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Jawug0000-00-00 00:00:00
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Jawug0000-00-00 00:00:00
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Jawug2007-03-24 11:00:00
Mossie's Place Tower being installed !!! - Witpoortjie[View registrations]
Jawug2007-04-14 11:00:00
WugMeet 11 at techies!![View registrations]
Jawug2007-06-23 11:00:00
At Wits University outside the Genmin labs. Directions will be posted inside the university. [View registrations]
Jawug2007-09-15 11:00:00
At Wits University outside the Genmin labs. Directions will be posted inside the university. [View registrations]
DWC2007-09-15 12:00:00
DWC Wugmeet Saturday 15th September 2007 at 12 noon (No Sharks or SA rugby so no excuse)[View registrations]
Jawug2007-10-27 11:00:00
15 louie avenue, techie highsite[View registrations]
Jawug2008-01-26 11:00:00
please note the venue for our braai has changed due to circumstances beyond our control. We apologise for the late notice! The NEW venue will be in the covered parking area at Block B, Eva Park, Corner Beyers Naude & Judges Ave.Cresta. Please bring your own meat, drinks and fold-up chairs if you have![View registrations]
Jawug2008-02-23 09:30:00
Linkup is an event designed to help people meet other people from other Wireless Groups, see what they have in common, share their knowledge, experiences and see if they can collaborate.

Link - Share - Learn. All WUGS are invited, all Hobbyists and people interested in Wifi Community Networking. Meraka will show off some of their Mesh stuff and the WUGS are welcome to give talks. Miro will be exhibiting, The Speaker that will be opening for us Elektra Aichele, Freifunk taking on Community Networks
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PTAWug2008-03-11 18:30:00
PTAWUG Meet at BazDaddy's in "Nature Ridge" complex - Lynnwood road - contact for more info, please bring own chairs, dop and meat plz[View registrations]
Jawug2008-04-12 11:00:00
15 louie avenue, techie highsite[View registrations]
Jawug2008-06-28 11:00:00
HappyChap Work Cargo Carriers Ltd, 140 North Reef Road,Elandfontein,Germiston.
Please bring meat snack and drinks
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PTAWug2008-07-05 11:00:00
PTAWUG Wugmeet 5 July 11:00 at Morgenzon, 12 Airport road, Pretoria North. Please bring a chair, braaivleis and something to drink.[View registrations]
Jawug2008-09-20 10:00:00
Vinaduro's house

55 tenth street, greymont, johannesburg
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2008-11-22 10:00:00


This meet is to try and get the to WUGs to have one massive meet as there are also issues that need to talked about between WUGs.

The Venue is at a self-catering pub. The owner has given us free usage of the place to braai and when we have finished they will clean up. He will be offering a braai packs (R60 - see below). This saves having to go buy things before the meet and leaving behind lots of excess food.

There is also a bar there where drinks can be bought. He would like us to support the bar but I think we can also bring our own.

Be part of the biggest WugMeet EVER

We are getting the venue/braai for free so please support the owner


Braai pack: 2 course meal:
Main:Rump steak, boereworse, drum stick, potato salad, greek salad, pap and sauce.

Dessert: Ice cream & chocolate sauce.
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PTAWug2009-02-07 10:30:00
Bring braaivleis, dop and a chair

Can arrive from 10, and will have the official meeting at 11, after that kuier.

Previous WugMeet at Morgenzon :

feel free to add points that need to be discussed there
All persons welcome, connected, interested or from other WUGS.

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Jawug2009-03-07 11:00:00
At Wits University outside the Genmin labs. Directions will be posted inside the university. [View registrations]
Jawug2009-04-05 02:00:00
Venue: John barreble hall

This is a East rand wugmeet and all east rand wuggers are encoraged to

attend but all are welcome.

PLEASE PUT A CONTACT TELEPHONE DOWN as the venue might change at short

notice. you phone number will not be publicly available.

The mag man road race will be happening at this venue in the morning

and as there will be lots of ham radio volunteers there, thats why the

venue was chosen. we will have a braai and i'm sure there will be food

for sale too. I(Hooligan) will be there and can be contacted on 083 454 2328


1. Welcome,

2. whats jawug about.

3. welcome new members

4. whats happing in the east, highsites being connected.

5. general(thats what you write in the comments when you register)
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Jawug2009-08-01 11:00:00
At Wits University outside the Genmin labs. Directions will be posted inside the university. [View registrations]
Jawug2009-11-14 10:00:00
At Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, New town. Safe parking and an awesome wugmeet location. Bring and Braai![View registrations]
Jawug2010-04-17 09:00:00
Jawug Planning Meet to see how we can expand the wug with the help of YOU![View registrations]
Jawug2010-08-14 09:00:00
A year has passed since the last major WugMeet which was the AGM where there were some major developments such as the formalising Jawug as a structured entity.
This meant that Jawug now conforms to processes that other clubs go through, such as a proper set of financials and elections of a management committee. These are the members that take the executive decisions on how the WUG will progress and this will be aim of the AGM and are voted in by active members.

The AGM will be held on Saturday the 14th August from 10am. At the following address:

Company: MAMI
Address: 21 Hubert Mathew Road,
Illiondale Itinerary:
10am-11am: arrival & introduction
11am-12am: presentation from current
Mancom 12am-1pm : Nominee presentation -
committee nominees will introduce themselves
1pm-3pm : Braai
3pm-3:30pm Voting, counting,
introducing new Mancom members 3:30 onwards: Festivities

The AGM is geared to members that are active on the Wug and wish to contribute to the way it progresses forward.
Anyone that is not on the wug and is looking at joining Jawug is also very welcome to come and get a familiarity with the people and how things work on the wug.
Very often questions that are not easily answered on the wiki/forum/chat are easily resolved by asking and chatting in person.

So come join us for a fun day of chatting, eating, drinking and getting to know your wug and its' members. We ask that you arrive no later than 11am if you wish to participate in the voting process.
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Jawug2010-11-18 10:00:00
Its been a long time coming, and a few cancellations, but this time its for certain.

This email serves as a notification of an EGM to be held for the purposes of electing a Management Committee for Jawug on November 20th 2010.

We've got a venue booked, and a very simple agenda.

Nominations for Management Committee members will be closed on the 18th, no nominations or any changes to be made to the list on the day of the vote.

Please make your Nominations here before the 18th.

We want to start at 11am sharp! So be there for 10am just to be sure. Location:

Nashua Mobile
42 James Crescent
Halfway House


Enough spaces for 200+ cars, it will be signposted from the main road


10am: Arrival
11am: Start
+ Mancom (old and new) will introduce themselves.
+ An explanation of what has lead up to the re-election and the holding of an EGM will be given.
+ There will be a Q&A session where members can ask questions
12pm: Voting starts
2pm: Votes will be counted and the results announced
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