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''Welcome to what we hope will become the preferred Wiki for all South African based Wireless Users Groups!''


[edit] Getting Started

[edit] Current SA WUGs

[edit] WUG

[edit] JAWUG -- Johannesburg Area


[edit] CTWUG -- Cape Town Area

[edit] DWC -- Durban Area

[edit] PEWUG -- Port Elizabeth Area

[edit] PCN -- Potchefstroom Area

[edit] RBWUG -- Richards Bay Area

[edit] GRWUG -- Garden route wireless user group

[edit] HwkWUG -- Howick Wireless User Group

[edit] Interwug projects

Jawug to PCN link

[edit] WugMeets

[edit] HowTo's

  • OpenWRT :: Loading and configuring OpenWRT White Russian
  • FreiFunk :: Loading and configuring FreiFunk
  • DDWRT :: Loading and configuring DDWRT
  • RouterOS :: Setting up MikroTik Routeros
  • WugKit :: How to assemble your new WugKit!
  • Polarisation :: Remove confusion on how to mount your grid
  • Lightning Protection :: Some tips on how to protect your setup from lightning
  • Mikrotik Alignment :: How to use the alignment mode on your Routerboard
  • Enable NV2 :: How to enable NV2 in combination with or in in place of 802.11 in a Mikrotik routerboard (Not necessary on many highsites)

[edit] Terminology

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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